Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recorder Ensemble 3 -- "D'aquel Fraire Flaco"

This late Renaissance piece -- the title means "the skinny priest" -- was some thing I had to play for my "culimination" from Orff Level III. I think the kids did a marvelous job with it.

Congratulations, Recorder ensemble, on some great work this year. It was a pleasure to be your teacher.

Next year we'll get a earlier start and hopefully have some more performances. I hope many of you will be back.

Recorder Ensemble 2 - "Orientis Partibus"

This year all the third graders learned this ancient song in Latin that comes from the "Feast of Fools" -- a medieval feast day where the children were put in charge. Note the change in meter from duple to triple, common for the period.

Recorder Ensemble - "March of the Buffins"

This is one of three songs the Recorder Ensemble learned for the Renaissance Fair a couple of weeks back. Since we didn't have an opportunity to record them then, we recorded some tracks today. Thanks to Mr. Hancock for the loan of the "studio."