Sunday, February 15, 2015

Coyote String Band - "Move It On Over"

Hello again Coyotes -- I decided to go ahead and throw a recording of Hank Williams doing "Move It On Over" on the blog so that you could play along. Guitarists -- pay particular attention to the improvisational solos or "breaks" between verses. The song in the key of E so you can use the La Pentatonic on E Chart posted earlier to construct a little solo of your own.

Incidentally, as I mentioned in class, "Move It On Over" is an exact template for "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and the Comets, which came out about 8 years later and is often called the first rock song. Does that mean old Hank had a hand in inventing rock and roll?

Coyote String Band - Blues Shuffling and Picking in E

Coyote String Band - 12 Bar E Shuffle from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.

Coyote String Band - La Pentatonic on E for Guitar from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.

Hi Coyotes -- here are two short videos, courtesy of Mr. Bonk, that illustrate how to make the blues shuffle in E on the guitar and introduce you to the La pentatonic on E scale you can use to develop solos. We've added Bb to that scale to give it more of blues feeling. Remember, you can develop a very effective blues solo on just few notes, provided that you also give your solo a sense of swing.

Similar scales for the other instruments will follow soon. In the meantime, guitarists -- get jammin'!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ensembles -- "For What It's Worth"

Hi Ensemble Members -- here's some classic video of The Buffalo Springfield, featuring Stephen Stills (and Neil Young) performing "For What It's Worth." Our arrangement is a little different, but we will be leaving room for some la pentatonic improvs on Orff instruments, recorders and, of course, guitar, so feel free to experiment. Also every body work on the words.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Coyote String Band - Banjo Rolls - "For What It's Worth"

Coyote String Band - For What It's Worth, Banjo Rolls from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.

Hello Coyotes. Hard to believe I got all the way through January without a post. However, that is about the change as I will be putting up instructional material for the next Ensemble Show in may. The first is the long promised Banjo Roll Tutorial for "For What It's Worth." Banjos, my recommendation is that you find a little time everyday to practice your rolls. In no time you will be pickin' and grinnin' like a master.