Saturday, August 29, 2015

World Music Ensemble

New this year is the World Music Ensemble. The World Music Ensemble, formerly the Orff Percussion Ensemble, will give students the chance to apply the barred instrument and recorder skills they will be learning in general music class. We will also be including singing, body percussion and movement as we do in class, but with the goal of putting together a finished performance. And if we use ukuleles, this is where they will go. If you like to drum or just hang out in a musical groove, this ensemble is a good match for you.

Coyote String Band

Coyote String Band is a way for students to explore the "Music of the Canyon" - the folk and bluegrass songs that are part of the Laurel Canyon communities heritage and, therefore, part of the Wonderland students home culture. Coyote String Band includes guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and upright bass (no drums) and existing skills a preferred but no required. Due to the limited number of spots in this ensemble, it is open to 4th and 5th grade only.


Although we sing in as part of nearly every lesson in all grade levels, being part of the chorus is way for kids to apply their singing skills and refine their singing technique. Like the other ensembles the chorus will perform two concerts at Wonderland, but we have also taken part in outside events and hope to do more of that this year.

Ensembles for 2015-2016 Start Next Week.

This year we have made some changes to our ensemble program which I am quite excited about. There will be three general music ensembles that 3rd, 4th and 5th graders can sign up for. A sign up letter was sent home this Friday and rehearsals start next week. Students will have some time to decide whether ensemble is right for them (remember that parents and teachers must also agree) but not too much time -- our first performance is likely to be at the end of October

I will post a bit more about each of the ensembles above.

The 2015-2016 School Year Begins!

The 2015-2016 year in music at Wonderland is underway. Two weeks in and we have set our schedule and all the students have had music at least once. It went by so quickly I hardly had time to post a cyber hello.

For those of you who are new to the Wonderland School, this blog is where I will post pictures from class, videos and instruction materials. It is a good place to drop by when you are surfing the net so I hope you will!

It's going to be a great in music!