Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Bound for the Promised Land"

Here's a little bit of the Second Grade home school performance.

Thanks again, everybody and have a happy holiday!

"Peace Round/Shalom Chaverim"

Another clip from 5th Grade Magnet. I seem to have mostly good clips from upper grades, but if anyone has any nice bits from the other grade levels, e mail them to me and I will post them.


Here's a portion of 4th Grade Magnet's performance, minus the French verse. C'est Magnifique!

"Arabian Coffee"

This version from the third show was the best. Nice Job Mr. Alpert's and Ms. Salazar's class!

Great Show Everybody!

Thanks everybody for making yesterday's show such a great success! I am partcularly proud of the the job the kids did with very little practice time. It's an honor to work with so many talented young musicians.

Thanks to Michael Ford we have a few video captures I'd like to share with you. First up is Fifth Grade Magnet's presentation of "Two Three/Salaam Al'leekum."

Great Show

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Tune of the Buffens" - Parallel Harmony

Hi Third Grade Home School -- for those of you feeling ambitious, here's a crash course in how to perform the parallel 3rd in "Buffens". The day of the show I'll be looking for 5 or 6 of you who can play this part.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

5th Grade Magnet - "Salaam Al'Leekum"

Mr. Earl's and Ms. Epstein's class. Here's the other song we will be doing. A very simple song, but make sure you know it.

Salaam Al’leekum
Folk Song from Ghana

Salaam Al’leekum le
Salaam Al’leekum le
Salaam Al’leekum le
Salaam Al’leekum le (Sing Twice)

Salaam Al’leekum
I le!
Salaam Al’leekum
I le!
Salaam Al’leekum
I le!
Salaam Al’leekum
I le! I le! I le! I le! I le! (Sing Twice)

May peace be unto you;
May peace be in your heart;
May peace be in your home;
May peace be in our world. (Sing Twice)

5th Grade Magnet - "Peace Round/Shalom Chaverim"

Mr. Earl's and Ms. Epstein's class -- here is the first of the two songs you will be singing -- actually two songs that fit together. Learn them both and we'll talk next week about how we want to fit them together.

Peace Round

What a goodly thing
If the children of the world
Could live together
In peace

Shalom Chaverim

Shalom Chaverim, Shalom Chaverim
Shalom! Shalom!
Le hit raot, le hit raot
Shalom! Shalom!

Shalom, good friends, Shalom, good friends,
Shalom! Shalom!
Till once more we meet, till once more we meet
Shalom! Shalom!

4th and 5th Grade Home - Zum Gali Gali

Mr. Alpert's and Ms. Salazar's class -- here's a recording of Zum Gali Gali that is close to the arrangement we will be using. The recording does not include the English verse but I am betting you can figure out how that fits the music.

Here are the lyrics as we will be performing them:

Zum gali gali gali
Zum gali gali
Zum gali gali gali
Zum gali gali

Hechalutz le ‘man avodah;
Avodah le ‘man hechalutz;
Avodah le ‘man hechalutz;
Hechalutz le ‘man avodah.


Hechalutz le ‘man ha’ b’tu lah
Ha’ b’tu lah le man hechalutz
Ha’ shalom le ‘man ha’ a mim.
Ha’ a mim le ‘man ha’ shalom;


We are building, building a land;
Out of rock and desert and sand;
Men and women labor in pride;
We are working side by side.

Today's Rehearsal for First Grade Magnet

Here's a nice clip from Ms. Baker's class today practicing one of the songs they're doing for the holiday show -- one week to go.

Nicely done, First Grade Magnet!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arabian Coffee - B Section/Second Part

Finally here is the B section for Recorder 2.

Arabian Coffee - B Section/First Part

Here is the the continuation for Recorder 1. Notice that this section -- the "B" section -- is a little longer.

Arabian Coffee - A Section/Second Part

Here's the second part for Recorder 2. Notes that the rhythm is the same for both parts.

Arabian Coffee - A Section/First Part

The recorder version of the melody is broken into four sections -- here's the first of them

Arabian Coffee for Recorders

Ms. Salazar's and Mr. Alpert's class -- for those of you playing recorder during Arabian Coffee, here's the music and a recorder of the top two parts. The other recordings posted above break it down into more manageable chunks. (Click of the sheet music to make it larger.)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Grade Home School - "I Saw Three Ships"

Ms. Toppino and Ms. Duron's students (and parents) -- here is one of the songs we will be doing for the holiday show on December 16. With your parents help you can use the audio clip to practice the song at home.

I Saw Three Ships

I saw three ships come sailing in
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day,
I saw three ships come sailing in
On Christmas Day in the morning.

Pray wither sailed those ships all three?
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day,
Pray wither sailed those ships all three?
On Christmas Day in the morning.

O, they sailed into Bethlehem.
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day,
O, they sailed into Bethlehem.
On Christmas Day in the morning.

And all the bells on earth shall ring
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day,
And all the bells on earth shall ring
On Christmas Day in the morning.

And all the angels in heaven shall sing
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day,
And all the angels in heaven shall sing
On Christmas Day in the morning.

Then let us all rejoin, amen
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day,
Then let us all rejoin, amen
On Christmas Day in the morning.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2nd Grade Home School -- "What I Am"

Hi Ms. McLeod and Ms. Zarakowski's kids (and parents) -- here's a video of doing one of the two songs we weill be performing on December 16. I know the teachers have shown it to you in class, but now you have place to look at it home, with Mom and Dad's help. The show is two weeks from tomorrow so let's practice, practice. practice...

Holiday Show Prep continues

Here's a bit of the rehearsal with Julia Wasson's third graders today. They're doing a great job.

The Holiday show is coming -- just two weeks from tomorrow. Keep checking the blog for practice materials and other fun stuff!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

4th Grade Magnet -- "Pat-a-pan"

Ms. Lopez and Mr. Anderson's class -- here is the first of your two songs -- "Pat-a-pan". Hopefully this recording will help you learn the words and see how they fit together with the drumming.

Traditional French Carol

Guilo prends ton tamourim.
Toi, prends ta fluté Robin.
Au son de ces instruments.
Au son de ces instruments
Je dirai Noel gaiment.

Willie, get your little drum;
Robin bring your flute and come.
Aren’t they fun to play upon?
When you play your fife and drum
How can anyone be glum?

When the men of olden days
Gave the King of Kings their praise,
They had pipes to play upon.
And also the drums they’d play,
Full of joy of Christmas Day

Holiday Show Prep Underway!

Here's a little video some elf friends of mine put together to get everyone in the proper spirit!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Third Grade Home School - "Come Let Us Gather"

Ms. Wasson and Ms. Weiss's classes -- here at last is your other song. Check it out and let's see how much progress you can make between now and Wednesday.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recorder Fingering Chart

I keep meaning to post this for general reference. I hope it is helpful for both recorder players and recorder lovers

Third Grade Magnet -- Check this out for "African Noel"

Hey Ms. Abu-Bakir and Mr. Oasay's classes -- I'm jump ahead to Three Minute Recorder Lesson 11 because it will teach you how to play African Noel. Watch this video and learn how to do an improv is C pentatonic.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recorder Lesson 8 - F

Here's another video lesson about making the F.

Recorder Lesson 7 - Low C

Hi Third Graders -- I am going to post some more of these video lessons to help improve your overall playing. This one is about the lowest note on the recorder -- low C.

Third Grade Magnet -- "Tallis Canon"

Hi Third Graders -- here is some video to go along with the audio of "Tallis Canon" posted earlier. Please check it out -- and have a great Thanksgiving!

"Tallis Cannon" - 2 Part Canon

Hi Third Grade Magnet -- here's Tallis Canon again as a 2 part canon. Try playing along and add a third part!

"Tallis Cannon" - Melody

Hi Third Grader in Mr. Oasay and Ms. Abu Bakir's class. Here is a the melody for Tallis Canon along with the music. I will be posting a video lesson to go along with this shortly.

Friday, November 5, 2010

"Tune of the Buffens" Phrase 4

...and here's the 4th phrase. What about phrase 3, you say? It's the same as phrase 1!

"Tune of the Buffens" Phrase 2

Here's the 2nd phrase...

"Tune of the Buffens" Phrase 1 & 3

Like many songs "Tune of the Buffens" breaks nicely into easy to learn phrases. Learning them individually and them putting the song back together is an excellent way to learn.

"Tune of the Buffens" -- Complete

Hi Third Graders -- here's a recording of one of the songs I am considered for the Holiday show. It's a very simple tune and fun to play. See how far you can take it!

Recorder Lesson 6 -- Low D

This lesson will also be very useful for some of our Holiday show material -- and that show is coming up fast!

Recorder Lesson 5 -- High C & D

Hi Third Graders -- you will need these notes to play the tune I want you to learn so check out this lesson!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Third Grade Recorder Lesson 4: Improvisation

We will open next week's class with this activity. Here's a preview.

Third Grade Recorder Lesson 3: E

Third Graders -- here is a short video lesson that recaps what I showed you on Wednesday in class. This lesson and the one posted about will help you prepare for next week's improvisation on "Little Johnny Brown." Be sure and check them out.


This week has been devoted to activities associated with that all important holiday on the children's calendar -- Veteran's Day!

Just kidding. Actually Halloween week at Wonderland is turning out to be a very cool experience this year. The Haunted House is back in the MPR, the parade is this Friday (so sorry, I won't be here!) and there is an excellent Day of the Dead shrine in the library, built by Juila Wasson's 3rd graders.

We've tried to add to the spirit in music with a Spooky Ghost Dance in Kinder, a rousing, effects driven presentation of "Inside the House That Is Haunted" for 1st and K-1-2, versions of "Skins and Bones" for xylophones in 2nd grade (pictured) and for recorder in 3rd, and two variations on "Intery MIntery" in 4th and 5th grade. This wonderful piece for Orff ensemble comes, as many of my favorite pieces do, from the people at the San Francisco School.


Restful Retreat

This past weekend many of the Wonderland teachers went on a staff retreat to the Ojai Foundation Center about 70 miles north of Wonderland School. This picture of a hummingbird that landed in Michael Hancock's hand is just one of the many magical moments the weekend produced. Although Wonderland is a school with many gifted teachers, the weekend was a reminder that strong communication, a commitment to teamwork and mutual respect and support are among the most important teaching practices. Colleagues -- thank you for making my first retreat experience (ever, I think) I great one. And parents -- thank you for underwriting the cost of this highly useful professional development experience.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do you have what it takes for Recorder Ensemble?

We'll be starting up our recorder ensemble again in a couple of weeks. We'll be focusing on playing interesting music in interesting ways. Think you might be interested in joining our band? Keep checking this blog for details!

Recorder Lesson 2: B-A-G

Recorder Lesson 1: Basics

Third Grade Recorder: Mary Had A Little Lamb in Tabs

Hi Third Graders -- tablature or tabs is a way of writing music down that shows not just want to play but how to play it. Here is a very familiar song written in a way that shows you which holes to cover (note that the hole on the back is covered throughout). Remember -- you must use your left hand on top.

Use this music to practice making your first three notes -- B-A-G -- for next weeks recorder class. I am posting some videos above that should also help you.

Happy tooting!

Hollow Trees w/Don Wilson Captured Live!

The Hollow Trees or our Mini-Monterey Pop

The Hollow Trees put on a wonderful hour-long concert Wednesday afternoon and the kids really seemed to enjoy it, especially when the Trees were joined on stage by our own Don Wilson, who in addition to being an excellent administrator is also an outstanding banjo picker. Check out the video posted above and you'll see what I mean.

Many thanks to the band and to Warren Garfield, organizer of the Topanga Bluegrass Festival, for arranging this free event.

Chopsticks on paper

This is one of my all time favorite lessons for second grade. Students learn about the relationship between steady beat and rhythm by putting on or two chopsticks (or none) on sheets of paper and then trying to clap out the rhythms the chopsticks represent (with the paper representing the units of beat). Here study is attending to walk the beat while reading and clapping the rhythm -- not as easy as it looks.

Quite a week in Wonderland Music!

We've certainly gotten a lot of music in since Monday. On Monday Jane Raphael's K-1-2 developed a movement piece using scarves to represent falling leaves. First grade will do something similar today.

Kinder began learning the Jamaican song Bam Chi Chi Bam and 4th grade begin to work with the Barred Instruments (pictured). We are fortunate to have few extra instruments on hand this month, lent to me by Cal State LA for use in my thesis study.

Then on Wednesday 2nd grade began working with chopsticks (real ones not the song of the same name) and 3rd graders go their recorders. The day was capped off by a performance on the yard by the folk band The Hollow Trees featuring our own principal Don Wilson guesting on banjo.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wood Chuck Chuck - Audio only

Here's a higher quality audio recording of the same piece. 3rd graders -- which do you think is a better way to present this material?

Wood Chuck Chuck

Here's a video from today's third grade music lesson. Thanks third grade teachers and special thanks to Michael Hancock and Denise Lamoureaux for adjusting your schedules to facilitate.

This is the first of what I hope are several video and audio postings of the kids work. Performance and recording are part of most of the grade level standards and I think it is important for kids to understand in putting on a show the emphasis needs to shift from the performers to the audiences experience. So enjoy the show!

Rainy Wednesday

Today was an extremely wet day (part of a wet week). How wet? In going to the classrooms to teach music (the MPR was need for lunch) I found myself competing with the vision of garbage cans literally floating down Wonderland Avenue.

Fortunately for second grade I had a excellent rainy day activity. "Son Macaron" is an Eastern European beat passing game which kids seem to love. All classes played extremely well. As for third grade a video of their week today is posted above.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hungarian Dancing

Today's lesson for second grade is one of my favorites. As part of developing an understanding of 8 beat phrases, the kids play a game where they develop 8 beats dances. The goal is to tap the next person on the should precisely on the count of 8. Of course Brahms, being famous for his tempo changes, makes this a bit complicated. Like a lot of lessons I teach this one was suggested by my teacher and mentor, James Harding.

As for 3rd grade they began work on a chanting piece based on the Wood Chuck Chuck tongue twister. The results were so encouraging that I want to try and record them next week and post the recording here. Check back and see how they do!

Mi Cuerpo/Los Ninos en Espana Cantan

Monday's lessons consisted of two songs in Spanish. Kindergarteners learned "Mi Cuerpo," a song and dance/game about the musical parts of the body. 4th graders reviewed "Wibbleton to Wobbleton' and then began work on "Los Ninos en Espana Cantan (the children in Spain sing)." This material, besides being a pretty song, is a good vehicle for teaching pitch recognition, something the kids will need to improve on, if they want to be good singers.

The rest of the time we hid out from the 113 degree heat -- yikes!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hey, You, What!

Thursday music was an interesting mix with all of fifth grade, all of first and Ms. Lopez's fourth graders getting their first music class of the year. First grade learned a chant and body percussion piece "Sing With a Ying," with text by Dr. Suess. This piece allow the kids focus on how things like dynamics (soft and loud) tempo (fast/slow) and timbre (quality of sound) can be manipulated for different effects.

Fifth Graders (pictured) also learned a body percussion piece "Hey, You, What" by Keith Terry, a percussionist and body music specialist from the Bay Area. Keith has developed a great system for breaking down complex rhythmic ideas into manageable chunks. The process of understanding music this way, is a little bit like the decoding the kids have been using since first grade to pronounce and understand new words.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bate Chocolate

Another excellent day at Wonderland. Wednesday is my day to see all the second and third grade classes and everybody came ready to work. Second graders learned the Mexican children's chant "Bate Chocolate," which is also a recipe for mole -- one of my favorite foods. Once the piece was learned the kids were able to transfer the beat to plastic chopsticks, creating an interesting instrumental version.

Third graders learned "Diggy Diggy Dong," a song of unknown origin and meaning that is just plan fun to sing. It also gives me a chance to introduce the concept of 16th notes. The kids got to do a little composing as well, rearranging the quarter note, eighth note and sixteenth notes groupings and in the process developing their note reading skills.

A number of kids were eager to know when we will be starting recorder. I will most likely distributing them around 3rd or 4th week. Friends of Wonderland has agreed to extend me the funds to get the recorders initially, but we are asking parents to reimburse us. $5.00 a piece should cover it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Year in Music Begins!

Although technically last Thursday, when I came to introduce myself to the kids, was my first day, today was the first day of classes. I was extremely pleased by how focused the kids were (this the only the second week of school, after all) how much they seem to have retained. I think it's going to be a good year.

Today I met with all of kindergarten, Jane Raphael's K-!-2 class and 2 of the 3 fourth grade classes. This year music will be organized into units, with unit 1 in all grade levels focusing on fundamental skills. For example in kinder today the kids learned about the importance of focused listening and learned to accompany themselves while singing the African train song "M'bombera". Fourth graders began by working on their singing skills -- breathing, pitch matching and part singing -- using the song "From Wibbleton to Wobbleton," a favorite of mine.

For parents, teachers and students who are new to the blog, this is my place for providing information about what's going on in music and extending my classroom. You are free to become a following of this blog to keep track of what's coming up and/or post a comment.

Keep checking back!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Video Link Test -- Body Percussion

Body Percussion from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.

Using Youtube to host our video clips presents challenges for kids viewing on LAUSD computers and servers. Here's a video clip from a new hosting site, which, I'm told, has not been blocked by LAUSD.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recorder Ensemble 3 -- "D'aquel Fraire Flaco"

This late Renaissance piece -- the title means "the skinny priest" -- was some thing I had to play for my "culimination" from Orff Level III. I think the kids did a marvelous job with it.

Congratulations, Recorder ensemble, on some great work this year. It was a pleasure to be your teacher.

Next year we'll get a earlier start and hopefully have some more performances. I hope many of you will be back.

Recorder Ensemble 2 - "Orientis Partibus"

This year all the third graders learned this ancient song in Latin that comes from the "Feast of Fools" -- a medieval feast day where the children were put in charge. Note the change in meter from duple to triple, common for the period.

Recorder Ensemble - "March of the Buffins"

This is one of three songs the Recorder Ensemble learned for the Renaissance Fair a couple of weeks back. Since we didn't have an opportunity to record them then, we recorded some tracks today. Thanks to Mr. Hancock for the loan of the "studio."

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wonderland First Grade Renaissance Show

Wonderland KIndergarten Renaissance Show

More Pictures from a Great Day

Renaissance Fair/Art Show

This was my first experience with the Renaissance Fair/Art Show. What a great event! I was only sorry that I didn't get to sample all the delights, but if anyone has more pictures or videos let me know and I will post them here. In the meantime here's a few moments from the day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Greensleeves" -- for first grade

Hi First Graders. Here is a recording of "Greensleeves" the way we will do it for the Renaissance Fair (thanks to my friend, Michelle, for helping out with the vocal). Please start memorizing the lyrics and we will put it together with the dance this week.


Alas, my love, you do me wrong
To cast me off discourteously.
For I have loved you well and long.
Delighting in your company.

Greensleeves was all my joy.
Greensleeves was my delight.
Greensleeves was my heart of gold.
And who but my lady Greensleeves?

Ah, Greensleeves, now farewell, adieu.
To God I pray to prosper thee,
For I am still thy lover true.
Come once again and love me.

Greensleeves was all my joy.
Greensleeves was my delight.
Greensleeves was my heart of gold.
And who but my lady Greensleeves?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Culmination Song 1A - "I Will Remember You"

Hi Fifth Graders -- nice job this week as we began to put our partner songs "In My Life" and "I Will Remember You" together. For this week I want us to focus on memorizing the words to both songs. Keep in mind though we will only be using the chorus and the first verse of the Sarah McLachlan song. We will also be taking it slightly faster (to match the Beatles song).

Here are those lyrics. Mr. Alpert's class, you should have no trouble catching up. And welcome back. :)

I Will Remember You
by Sarah McLachlan, Seamus Egan and Dave Merenda

I will remember you.
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by.
Weep not for the memories.

Remember the good times that we had.
We let them slip away from us when times got bad.
Clearly I first saw you smiling in the sun.
Wanna feel your warmth upon me; I wanna be the one

I will remember you.
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by.
Weep not for the memories.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Orientis Partibus" B Section Part 5

Here's the final phrase. Make sure you have enough air to play that 6 count G at the end.

"Orientis Partibus" B Section Part 4

Phrase 4...

"Orientis Partibus" B Section Part 3

And the 3rd. Two phrases to go!

"Orientis Partibus" B Section Part 2

Here's the second phrase.

"Orientis Partibus" B Section Part 1

Hi Recorder Ensemble -- here's the recorder part from the pieces we started learning on Wednesday. I've broken it into 5 phrases for you to learn. Remember it is triple meter.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Song 3 -"I Sing the Body Electric" from "Fame" Soundtrack

I'm listing this as song 3, but it is likely that this will be the next one we learn.

I Sing the Body Electric
Lyrics by Dean Pitchford
Music by Michael Gore

I sing the body electric.
I celebrate the me yet to come.
I toast my own reunion
When I become one with the sun.

And I’ll look back on Venus;
I’ll look back on Mars.
And I’ll burn with the fire
Of ten million stars.
And in time,
And in time,
We will all be stars

I sing the body electric.
I glory in the glow of rebirth.
Creating my own tomorrow
When I shall embody the earth.

And I’ll serenade Venus;
I’ll serenade Mars.
And I’ll burn with the fire
Of ten million stars.
And in time,
And in time,
We will all be stars

Culmination Song 2 - "We Are The Champions" by Queen

Hi fifth graders. Although it will be a couple of weeks before we get to the rest of our musical program, I thought it would be useful to put all the music now so you can give it a listen. Most of you probably know the chorus here, but check out the lyrics for the verses.

We Are the Champions
By Freddie Mercury

I’ve paid my dues,
Time after time.
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime.
And bad mistakes,
I’ve made a few.
I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I’ve come through.

And I need to go on, and on, and on, and on.

We are the champions, my friend.
And we’ll keep on fighting till the end.
We are the champions; we are the champions.
No time for losers, cause we are the champions
Of the World.

I’ve taken my bows
And my curtain calls.
You brought me fame and fortune
and ev’rything that goes with it,
I thank you all.

But it’s been no bed of roses.
No pleasure cruise.
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race
And I ain’t gonna lose.

And I need to go on, and on, and on, and on.

We are the champions, my friend.
And we’ll keep on fighting till the end.
We are the champions; we are the champions.
No time for losers, cause we are the champions
Of the World.

We are the champions, my friend.
And we’ll keep on fighting till the end.
We are the champions; we are the champions.
No time for losers, cause we are the champions.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Culmination Song 1 -- "In My Life" Original Recording

Hi Fifth Graders -- here's the first of the songs we will be learning for culmination. I would like you to give a listen to the original recording from 1966 and begin memorizing the words (note -- there's a few subtle changes to the lyric in this recording, "I love you" instead of I"ve loved you." We will be singing the words as written below):

"In My Life" by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

There are places I'll remember
All my life, though some have changed.
Some forever, not for better.
Some have gone and some remain.

All these places had their moments,
with lovers and friends, I still can recall.
Some are dead and some are living.
In my life, I've loved them all.

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you.
And these mem'ries lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new.

Tho' I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before.
I know I'll often stop and think about them.
In my life I've loved you more.

Precorders, Dance, Body Percussion and Culmination

Seems like the last few weeks I only have had time to post here on the weekends. Overall it was a very good week with kindergarten beginning to learn their precorders, more dancing in second grade, this time to "Ayelivi," a fun song from Ghana.

First grade, flush from the success of "The Little Red Hen" -- continued delving into chicken-related music with the fun counting game/song developed called Mrs. Hen. Fourth grade magnet was away, but in Ms. Salazar's class we learned a body percussion canon. Finally, in Fifth grade we began learning our culmination songs. A very full week!