Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recorder Ensemble -- "Tourdion" Part A

Here's the first part of our new piece, "Tourdion". I will be putting up the second part -- the B section -- in few days, along with the music. It's a challenge piece so take your time.

Recorder Ensemble -- "G Scale"

Hey recorder ensemble members -- here's a short lesson on the G scale. Practicing it will help you play music on your instrument's upper register. Try it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Pix from Today's Performance

For more information click on Los Angeles Jazz Society

Maestro Delbert Taylor comes to Wonderland

Today to kick off Black History Month we were fortunate enough to get two performances from Maestro Delbert Taylor and Friends. The performance was provided to use free of charge by the Los Angeles Jazz Society and featured an all star line up of jazz artists including:

Maestro Delbert Taylor -- Piano/Band Leader
Dr. Bobby Rodriguez -- Trumpet
Andre Delano -- Saxophone
Leslie Baker -- Bass
Dr. Maria Martinez -- Drums

Apart from the performance Maestro Taylor's presentation included an excellent overview of jazz history -- something the teachers and I have been talking to the kids for a couple of weeks. All in all it was a very cool groove!