Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Everyday People"

Chorus members -- as we get ready for lunar new year remember that we have other concerts later in the year, and this song by Sly and the Family Stone is one I would like us to perform.  Remember that each of the parts can be sung along with any of the other parts.

"Ahri-rang" for recorders

Finally, here's a recorder version for Recorder Ensemble.  This video and the music with fingering tabs should give you everything you need.  The rest all practice.  :)

"Ahri-rang" (English)

...here's the verse in English -- watch those stretched out syllables, a style known as melismatic singing.


Ah ri rang
Ah ri rang
A – ra – ree yo__

O – ver the 
hills__ of __
A – ri –rang

Call me from
Far___ a – way__
I__ must__ fol – low I
Can – not stay

"Ahri-rang" (Korean)

Hi Chorus Members -- here's a reposting of the practice recording of Ahri-Rang (in Korean - I will be posting the English version shortly).  We will be performing it on Febuary 8, so practice practice practice!


Ah ri rang
Ah ri rang
A – ra – ree yo__

Ah ri rang
Ko ge ro 
Nu mun kan dah

Ha nul en
Pyul-do man - ko__
E__ neh__  ka-sem-en
Su - sim do man – ta