Friday, October 26, 2012

3rd Grade Home School -- "Come Let Us Gather"

Hi Ms. Weiss's and Ms. Wassson's class -- as
promised, here is the video (and music) for one of the songs we will be performing for the Holiday Show in December.  If you look at it once or twice every day, I think you will be very pleased by the results!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Holiday Show prep begins this week!

It is hard to believe with Halloween still a few weeks off, that we need to start talking about our Holiday Show in December, but that is exactly what we are going to do.  It actually presents a nice teachable moment, as anticipation and preparation are extremely important musical skills.  So this week all the classes will be introduced to one of their two songs for the show and as the date approaches we will post practice resources here on the blog.

Three Minute Recorder Lesson 9 - F# and Bb

I'm skipping ahead a bit here, because F# is a note the recorder ensembles are already using in some of their pieces and third graders will be using it as well.  As for the Bb section of the lesson, give that a look too, as a glimpse of things to come.

Three Minute Recorder Lesson 6 - Low D

Here's a short lesson about the low D -- this a note we will definitely use a lot in the next few weeks, so practice, practice, practice!  :)

Three MInute Recorder Lesson 5 -- High C and D

Hi Third Graders, Recorder Ensemble Players and other interested parties - I have been a bit behind in updating my blog in general and my video series "Three Minute Recorder" in particular.   But with the holiday show approaching I wanted to put some practice resources on line.  This first lesson is about the high C and D, notes that many of you already know how to make.  Please review anyway, as our sound can always be sweeter.