Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recorder Ensemble - "Pastime With Good Company" Part 2

Here's the second part. Once again, Recorder players, try to read the notes as well as follow my hands when learning this piece. The B section is included here -- we'll be getting into that next week, if you want to get started. And Don't forget to watch out for those G#'s.

Recorder Ensemble - "Pastime With Good Company" Part 1

Here's the first recorder part for ""Pastime" with the music. When you practice, I want you to make an effort to read along with the music, not just watch my hands or try to memorize your part. The B section of the song is covered here, so feel free and go ahead and get started on that for next week.

The second recorder part will be posted shortly.

Recorder Ensemble - Making the Octave E

Welcome back Recorder Ensemble members -- In order to play the first part of our new song, "Pastime With Good Company" you will need to be able to make the high E consistently. This video will help you do that. Even if you are a second recorder, please check it out, as you will need that high E for other pieces down the road.