Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Change is Gonna Come - Twos Part

Hi Again Fifth Grade - Again, great job yesterday and throughout the year. We just need a little more work on "A Change is Gonna Come." So with that in mind, twos (those of you sitting on the left side of the stage - your left) here is your part. Please work on it over the weekend. You have fewer words to learn so lets work on getting our harmonies really perfect. If you really want to test yourself try singing your part against the recording of the other. See you Monday!

A Change is Gonna Come - Ones Part

Hi fifth grade -- great rehearsal yesterday! The only thing left to do is to make sure we know our parts for "A Change Is Gonna Come." Ones (those of you who are sitting on the right side of the stage - your right) - this is your part, so spend a little time working on it this weekend. Make sure you know the words and melody so you can really sing out.  (Yikes -- in listening to my recording I see I "ad-libbed" a couple of different words.  In anticipation of your question -- please follow the text as written).

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wonderland Ensemble - "One Love"

We closed the show with "One Love" by Bob Marley, which I am told is one of the most famous songs  in the world, once you get outside the U.S. and Europe.  All three ensembles made their contribution to the arrangement of this beautiful piece.  A fitting end to a beautiful day.  Excellent work ensembles!

Wonderland Ensemble - "Zuni Song"

Maybe our most challenge piece was this collaboration between the percussion ensemble and recorders.  The ostinato being performed by the barred instruments is meant to represent a stream.  The recorder part is from a Native American flute melody by R. Carlos Nakai.

Wonderland Ensemble - "Come and See the Cherry Blossoms/Sakura Sakura"

Our next piece was an arrangement that partnered the Japanese folk tune "Sakura, Sakura" with a new counter melody by arranger and composer Mary Donelly.  Very challenging.  Nice job chorus!

Wonderland Ensemble - "Zemer Atik"

This is perhaps our oldest tune (the name means "ancient melody.")  It is a Jewish folk tune associated with the dance that second graders performed at the Renaissance Faire.  Not an easy piece to play.  Good job, recorder ensemble!

Wonderland Ensemble - "Keetman Canon/Kung Fu Fightin'"

Our next piece was a well known barred instrument canon by Gunild Keetman, to which we had added  a dash of "Kung Fu Fightin.'"  This was actually take 2, as I forgot to give the percussion ensemble their cues (a fact they were very quick to point out).   No worries -- they nailed it the second time around.

Wonderland Ensemble - "O Menussis"

We followed with a several pieces featuring the individual ensembles.  The first of these was "O Menussis," a Greek folk tune also adapted for recorder by Nina Stern.

Wonderland Ensemble - "Young Rider"

Next up as an a cappella round from the singing group Libana, which I learned from my colleague Victoria Redfearn Cave.  The harmonies and placement of the claps make this a tricky canon to perform.  Well done chorus!

Wonderland Ensemble - "Ahri Rang"

One piece we had performed earlier in the year was the Korean traditional song, "Ahri Rang."  A lot louder when played inside!

Wonderland Ensemble - "Intery Mintery"

Next up was an adaptation of a piece by Doug Goodkin from the San Francisco School.  We had originally intended to play it during the Halloween parade earlier this year, but were pre-empted.  Fortunately at Wonderland every day is an excuse to howl -- ahhhhhoooooo!

Wonderland Ensemble - "Obiswana"

Our first number was the Ghanian tune, "Obiswana," an arrangement by Nina Stern with lots of touches of our own.  A perfect way to kick of a concert emphasizing world music.

Ensembles Rock the MPR!

On Thursday the ensemble held its only full concert of the year, or I should say concerts as there were three shows during the day and one in the evening.  It should have been an exhausting day, but we were having too much fun.  Ensemble members, I am so proud of you.  You did a great job and put on a very entertaining show of some quite challenging material.

I have pretty good video of all the songs we did, which I will post here so that you can share your work with loved ones, who couldn't make the show, or just relive the moments yourself.  It was some amazing work!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chorus -- "One Love" for Ukes

Hey chorus members -- sorry it's taken me so long to get this up.  Hopefully you will find it useful as you prepare for next weeks concerts.

Friday, May 3, 2013

5th Grade Culmination - "It's Time"

Hi 5th graders -- although must of you seem to know it already, I'm posting this Imagine Dragons song for your listening pleasure. Remember that it will be a partner song, so getting the time right, especially in the pauses, is extremely important. Enjoy!