Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fifth Grade -- "Le Carillon"

Fifth Grade -- "Huron Carol"

4th & 5th Grade Home -- "Don't Knock"

4th & 5th Grade Home - "Hitotsu Toya"

Fourth Grade - "Il Est Né"

Fourth Grade -- "Still, Still, Still"

Third Grade -- "Good King Wenceslas"

Third Grade -- "Bransle"

Third Grade -- "Ramadan"

Third Grade -- "Ode to Joy"

Second Grade -- "S'vivon"

Second Grade -- "Jambo Bwana"

Second Grade -- "Al Quebrar La Piñata"

K-1 & K-1-2 - "Snowflake Song"

K-1 & K-1-2 - "Ner Li"

First Grade - "Ise Oluwa"

First Grade - "Zumba, Zumba"

Kindergarten - "Light the Candles"

Here's My Holiday Card to All of You

Dear Wonderland Community -- first of all I want to congratulate the kids on a job well done on Thursday. As these videos show your performances were a tremendous exercise in concentration, skill and enthusiasm and each performance was a joy to watch. Thanks to Michael Ford, I have a video capture of all but two songs. They are arranged here from lowest grade level to highest. I hope you will enjoy them and share them with friends and family through the holiday season.

See you in January everyone!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

5th Grade Magnet - Huron Carol Recorder Part

5th Grade Magnet Recorders -- here is video to help you with the recorder break for "Huron Carol". It's not very hard, and I hope you can get a decent version up and running by Tuesday, our dress rehearsal. E mail me if you have any questions.

Monday, December 5, 2011

2nd grade Magnet -- "S'vivon"

Ms. Lamoureaux's and Ms. Sae-tang's classes -- I understand you had some trouble listening to this recording, so let me try reposting. If that doesn't work -- CD's anyone?

Traditional Hanukkah Song

S’vivon; sov, sov, sov
Hanukkah hu hag tov
Hanukkah hu hag tov
S’vivon; sov, sov, sov

Chag sim cha hu la’am
Nes gadol haya sham
Nes gadol haya sham
Chag sim cha hu la’am

Spinning top; spin. spin. spin,
Hanukkah feast begin
Hanukkah feast begin,
Spinning top; spin. spin. spin.

Hanukkah celebration;
A holiday for our nation.
Things to eat and games to play.
Dreidel spin all the day.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

4th & 5th Grade Home - "Don't Knock"

Mr. Alpert's and Ms. Salazar's class -- here are the lyrics and a practice recording of our second song for the holiday show, the gospel tune "Don't Knock." One class will be singing the call and the other the response (the words in the parentheses). I haven't decided who is doing what part, so for now try to familiarize yourselves with both.

Don’t Knock
by Mavis Staples


You don’t knock (you don’t knock, you just walk right in)
The door (the door into heaven’s inn)
There’s love (there’s love and joy for you)
To share (to share the whole day through)
I know (I know my friends are there)
To rest (to rest in the heaven’s nest)
You don’t knock, ring, punch a hole
The doors wide open, a-waiting for your soul
You don’t just walk on in.

I’ve walked life’s winding road (Oh yeah!)
Trying to bear this load (Oh yeah!)
Travelled both night and day (Oh yeah!)
So tired I could hardly pray (Oh yeah!)
My Lord, my light, my guide (Oh yeah!)
You’re ever at my side (Oh yeah!)
So I’m a-walkin’, not a-knockin’ into heaven with pride!

Repeat chorus

I’ll have no need to fear (Oh yeah!)
My Lord is ever near (Oh yeah!)
He’ll know my work is true (Oh yeah!)
So glad the day is through (Oh yeah!)
It wasn’t for me to say (Oh yeah!)
I didn’t think I’d make my way (Oh yeah!)
So I’m a-walkin’, not a-knockin’ into heaven, goodbye!

Repeat chorus