Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bate Chocolate

Another excellent day at Wonderland. Wednesday is my day to see all the second and third grade classes and everybody came ready to work. Second graders learned the Mexican children's chant "Bate Chocolate," which is also a recipe for mole -- one of my favorite foods. Once the piece was learned the kids were able to transfer the beat to plastic chopsticks, creating an interesting instrumental version.

Third graders learned "Diggy Diggy Dong," a song of unknown origin and meaning that is just plan fun to sing. It also gives me a chance to introduce the concept of 16th notes. The kids got to do a little composing as well, rearranging the quarter note, eighth note and sixteenth notes groupings and in the process developing their note reading skills.

A number of kids were eager to know when we will be starting recorder. I will most likely distributing them around 3rd or 4th week. Friends of Wonderland has agreed to extend me the funds to get the recorders initially, but we are asking parents to reimburse us. $5.00 a piece should cover it.

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