Sunday, February 15, 2015

Coyote String Band - Blues Shuffling and Picking in E

Coyote String Band - 12 Bar E Shuffle from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.

Coyote String Band - La Pentatonic on E for Guitar from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.

Hi Coyotes -- here are two short videos, courtesy of Mr. Bonk, that illustrate how to make the blues shuffle in E on the guitar and introduce you to the La pentatonic on E scale you can use to develop solos. We've added Bb to that scale to give it more of blues feeling. Remember, you can develop a very effective blues solo on just few notes, provided that you also give your solo a sense of swing.

Similar scales for the other instruments will follow soon. In the meantime, guitarists -- get jammin'!

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