Friday, June 1, 2012

Wonderland Ensemble Concert - Finale

One of my favorite parts of this process is to get the three ensembles, who have been working independently all year, to perform at least one song together. This piece, a folk tune from Trinidad made famous by Harry Belafonte, had exactly one rehearsal with all the groups together. They did a great job with it! It's been a good year for ensemble -- we'll miss our bandmates who are moving on to middle school, but hopefully many of the third and fourth graders will try ensemble again next year!

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  1. Semi-new beginner UK player here; I play a tenor. Stumbled over your lively, user- friendly "Forever Young" and can't wait to share with the other little old ukuladies at church! Would you please do an exact same lesson putting it all together with "Somewhere...Rainbow"? Thk you from Betty in Texas