Thursday, March 26, 2015

Third Grade - "Ungaresca"

"Ungaresca" - Wonderland version from Richard Lawton on Vimeo.

Dear Third Graders -- here is some video we shot at the Renaissance Faire three years ago. That year like this year we performed Ungaresca as a recorder piece, a song and a dance. Check out the video and see if it gives you any ideas for how we will perform our version. I think we can improve on what is here.

I'm also posting the sheet music again, though most of you should already have it. As you can see I have only posted the portion that is in duple (4/4) time. In the middle section the meter switches to triple -- a common practice in the middle ages. Right now we are only focused on the duple section, but if you listen to the video closely, you'll see that the pitch pattern does not change, only the rhythm. So if you can play the duple you can play the triple.

We'll get back to this after the break. Have a wonderful time and do try to practice a little.

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