Thursday, October 27, 2011

"The House With Nobody In It"

Today fourth and fifth grade continued with Hollywood themed lessons. 4th graders continued their introduction to playing the Orff xylophones by learning "Intery Mintery," a nursery rhyme adaptation by Doug Goodkin, which is the center piece of the Halloween show at the San Francisco School. It definitely put everyone is spooky mood.

As for fifth grade, they completed their interpretation of the poem "The House With Nobody In It," by Joyce Kilmer. A video example from Mr. Alpert's class is posted above. The kids developed their own musical accompaniment based on the text (if you listen closely you will here the rhythm of "" and "along the Erie track" in the xylophone parts) and movement. Considering that hungry Kinder-third graders were streaming into the MPR throughout the reading, I think their performance shows remarkable concentration. Well done, all three fifth grade classes!

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