Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ensembles Begins!

 This week we began the ensemble program with Orff Percussion ensemble.  The turnout was unprecedented -- so much so that I will be scrambling to put together a few more instruments.  However, that is a happy problem.  What I was particularly impressed with was how serious the students took the ensemble contract we are asking them all to sign this year, that calls for them to keep up with their school work.  Several of them asked if they could take it home to think about the commitment they are being asked to make.
 On Thursday we began a new dance project in 5th grade music that began with the kids learning to mirror a partner.  This was then extended to groups of 4, in which "the leader" continually changed and was determined by the direction the group was facing in -- north, south, east or west.
Thursday was also the day we began to give out recorders to third graders.  We'll be spending the next several weeks focusing on recorder as a way of introducing the subjects of melody and note reading.

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