Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 2 - getting into our basic skills unit

This week in general music we continued to develop an understanding of the theme or "big idea" for each grade level.  In 4th grade that meant focusing on melodic contour.  The kids learned that melody unfolds in a line that rises and falls like the pieces of yarn seen here.  Pitches can be seen as fixed points along those lines.

Second graders had fun performing an improvised dance sent to Brahams's "Hungarian Dance #5."  Like several of my favorite activities, I learned this one from my teacher, James Harding.   The kids each get eight beats to dance across the circle with the goal on tagging the next dancer on the eighth beat.  In the process they learn a little something about phrase length.

In third grade we are currently focused on beat and rhythm as well, but with an emphasis on subdivision of the beat -- four sixteenths equals two eighths equal a quarter and so on.  We use the syllables "ta," "te-te," and "taki-tiki" so that kids can speak the rhythm while they read the notes.

I just realized I haven't put up any pictures of 5th grade yet this year  -- something I will have to remedy this week!

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