Sunday, November 27, 2011

2nd Grade Home -- "Al Quebrar La Piñata"

Ms. McCloud and Mr. Reyes's (Ms. Zarakowski's) classes -- here is the first of your two holiday show songs. Listen to the recorded track by clicking on the play button and reading along with the lyrics. You can listen as many times as you like. Remember that the key to this song is that the A section in in 3, while the B section is in 2.

Al Quebrar La Piñata
Traditional Christmas song from Mexico

En las noches de posadas
La piñata’es lo mejor
La niña más remilgada
Se’al barota con ardor

Dale, dale, dale;
No pier das el tino;
Que de la distancia;
Se pier de’al camino (2x)

In the happy days of Christmas
Sounds of gladness fill the air.
When it’s time for the piñata
There’s excitement everywhere.

Take a stick and whack it.
Be the one to crack it.
Win piñata’s treasure,
Candies for your pleasure! (2x)

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