Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5th Grade Magnet - "Huron Carol" - Pronunciation

Mr. Earl's and Ms. Epstein's classes -- the best way to approach learning Huron Carol is to learn the pronunciations in the Wendat (Huron) and French verses slowly first. This pronunciation track should help. Listen as many times as you need to to develop a comfort level with the the first two verses (the phonetic spellings are in parentheses).

Huron Carol
by Jean de Brébeuf, S.J.
adapted for Wonderland School

Wendat Verse

Ehsten yayan deh tsaun we
(Estan yah yun day t’sun way)
Iesus ahattonnia
(Aysoos Ahhatonya)
O na wateh wado:kwi
(On non wah tay way doh kay)
Nonnwa ‘ndasqua entai
(non n’wah das entah)
Ehnau sherskwa trivota
(aynow shar squa treevotah)
Nonnwa ‘ndi yaun rashata
(Nonwah dee yawn rah-ash-hat tha)

Iesus Ahatonnia,
(Aysoos Ahhatonya)
Ahattonnia; Iesus Ahattonnia
(Ahhatonya; Aysoos Ahhatonya)

French Verse

Oyez cette nouvelle dont
(Oy-yea set novel le don)
Un ange est porteur!
(Un anjay es por-tur)
Oyez ames fideles,
(Oy-yea ahm fee-day-luh)
Et dilatez vos coeurs.
(Ay de-la-tay vo cur)
La Beau Mère dans l'étable
(La bow mare dan lay tablah)
Entoure de ces bras
(Entouray de say bra-ah)

L'enfant endormi belle.
(Law-fon endorme bell)
Endormi; L'enfant endormi belle.
(Endorme; Law-fon endorme bell)

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