Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kindergarten - "Light the Candles"

Mr. Song's and Ms. Lacey's classes -- we will be singing this Hanukkah song "Light the Candles" to go along with "Mambo, Santa, Mambo," which I posted earlier. You can practice the song, by pushing the play button below. The words are also posted here to help you learn.

Light the Candles
Samuel Roeman

Light the little candles,
And sing a song of Hanukkah.
Deidel spinning gaily,
For Hanukkah is here.
Turning, turning; hora dancers turn and turn.
Burning, burning; see the bright Menorah burn.
Haunkkah time is here.
Let’s all be happy!
Hanukkah time is here.

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